Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Cost Savings - Comparisons

Our Comparisons software allows your brokers to achieve notable time savings, resulting in significant cost savings for your brokerage. 

Brokerage with 25 brokersValues
Average Time Saved/Day/BrokerHint Icon
55 Minutes
Average Time Saved/Month/BrokerHint Icon
18 Hours
Average Broker Salary + Taxes/Benefits/ExtrasHint Icon
Average Cost Saved/Year/BrokerHint Icon
Average Cost Saved/Brokerage/YearHint Icon
QuickFacts Annual Cost (25 users)Hint Icon
Time to BreakevenHint Icon
17 Days
Time Saved Is Equivalent To:Hint Icon
2.6 Full Time Brokers

Added Benefits

  • Morale Increase
  • Reduced Management Support
  • Decreased E&O Exposure
  • Shortened Onboarding Time

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