Customized Workflows

Customized Workflows

Custom, Flexible Workflows

Unlock the power of streamlined efficiency with QuickFacts workflow software. Say goodbye to the chaos of disorganized workflows buried in Word documents and scattered emails. Our intuitive platform empowers brokerages to seamlessly organize and optimize their processes, eliminating the need for constant management oversight. From client onboarding to transaction management, QuickFacts brings clarity and consistency to your operations. Experience accelerated growth and enhanced productivity as you harness the full potential of your brokerage with QuickFacts.

Smart search for all your workflows

Workflow Home

Smart search for all your workflows

Your workflows need a home. Once you have them centralized in a single location, keyword searching is vital to get you to the proper workflow. With our Smart Search, you can find the exact workflow you need in seconds.

Keep it all organized

Workflow Categories

Keep it all organized

We’re big on organization here at QuickFacts, so it comes as no surprise that our workflows can be categorized for simple structuring. Your team can quickly find the workflows that pertain to them.

Separate pages with simple design

Workflow Pages

Separate pages with simple design

Each workflow displays as its own searchable card.

Step-by-step processes

Cancellation Workflow

Step-by-step processes

Break your workflows down by steps and substeps for an easy-to-follow process. Our workflow layouts keep it decluttered and offer you various visual options so you get a perfectly displayed workflow.

Build them yourself

Create New Workflow - Accordion

Build them yourself

You don't need a developer to help craft your workflows. We've create a simple interface to develop workflows with ease. With a large selection of components, simply click, drag, and type to create beautiful workflows your team can follow.

Global find & replace

Workflow- Create New

Global find & replace

Search your entire workflow collection and replace a word, phrase, or image across all your workflows, saving creators hours.

Keep your business operating efficiently - exactly how you envision it.

Whether management needs ready-access to key reports, new-hires need to get trained quickly, or brokers want to be more self-reliant, QuickFacts allows you to create specific steps that will produce the results you are dreaming of.

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Organize and manage your brokerage operations in a centralized space.