Case Study

Case Study

Kent & White Implements QuickFacts

kent&white x QuickFacts


Kent & White's main objectives in adopting QuickFacts were to take the stress out of updating the existing information, enhance efficiency, and simplify document management. They aimed to achieve this through automation, streamlined workflows, and centralization of insurance-related documents.


The implementation involved seamless integration of QuickFacts with Kent & White's existing infrastructure, including their management system, Epic. Despite some initial challenges in aligning employee usage, QuickFacts' support team collaborated closely with Kent & White, resulting in a smooth transition and enhanced accuracy and reliability of reports. The software's user-friendly interface and online accessibility drove staff acceptance and enthusiasm, quickly leading to them feeling the benefits of the system.


Time and Cost Savings

The sales department saves time by being able to access information that they confidently know is always accurate and up-to-date, this significantly reduces the need for phone calls and emails to insurance companies. Customer service and sales efficiency is even better.

Enhanced Data Visibility

QuickFacts provided the servicing team with valuable KPIs, enabling them to monitor client interactions, track performance, and streamline renewals effectively. They are now able to identify QuickFacts champions, those who use it almost every hour of their work.


Kent & White Insurance is based in New Brunswick and services personal and commercial clients throughout Atlantic Canada. They faced the usual challenge of many brokerages in managing their insurance documentation, and keeping up-to-date with numerous updates, loopholes, and varying requirements from different insurance companies; their existing solution was a manually-maintained Excel document, which proved unsustainable and inefficient.

At A Glance


  • Manual Processes
  • Inefficient Workflows
  • Limited Information Access
  • Time-consuming Updates

Products Applied

  • Comparison Software
  • Workflow Software


  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Seamless Communication
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Streamlined Workflows

Having analytics and KPIs for the servicing team was a game-changer. It helped us identify areas for improvement and provide better service to our clients.

Chelsea GauthierCOO

Centralized Documentation

All manuals, forms, questionnaires, and other important documents are now accessible in one place, eliminating the need for manual searches and reducing the risk of outdated information.

Improved Decision-Making

QuickFacts' analytics provided valuable insights into the brokerage's financial performance and book of business, enabling accurate decision-making and budgeting.

Increased Efficiency

With the software's ability to significantly reduce research and information retrieval time, employees now have full focus on essential tasks like client interactions and account management.

Enhanced Training and Support

With data-driven insights, Kent & White's leadership can better train and assist their team members, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Improved Client Retention

QuickFacts allows the servicing team to identify clients whose policies may experience a significant premium increase. This enables them to proactively contact these clients and offer suitable alternative solutions to retain their business.

Streamlined Workflows

The implementation of QuickFacts allows Kent & White to leverage customized workflows for different activities, particularly during the busy season. The software's ready-to-use templates save significant time and reduce the risk of errors, enabling staff to efficiently handle numerous tasks and improve overall productivity.

Improved Decision-Making

The availability of valuable KPIs and analytics within QuickFacts empower leadership to make data-driven decisions. This includes client change from one insurance company to another, and the number of calls that the brokerage receives. These are all reports that the company never had before.

Enhanced Employee Well-Being

The software's user-friendly interface and efficient workflows positively impacts staff morale and well-being. Employees report feeling less overwhelmed during busy periods as QuickFacts provides structure and clarity to their tasks, reducing stress levels, and enhancing job satisfaction.

Improved Retention Rates and Customer Loyalty

By proactively engaging with clients and offering personalized solutions, Kent & White achieves higher customer satisfaction levels and increased retention rates. Kent & White Net Promoter Score is now ranging between 70 and 75, an outstanding achievement in the insurance industry where achieving client satisfaction is often seen as very challenging.

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